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5 quick tips for wildlife photographers

10 Jun 2012 / 4 Comments / in blog

With this article, I hope to start a semi regular series of quick tips for wildlife and nature photographers.

Without further ado, here is the first installment.

1. Keep your eye on the viewfinder – Action can unfold in front of you at any time, and Murphy’s law dictates that you will miss the best opportunity when chimping (If you do not know what chimping means check this article

2. Know your gear – Wildlife photography is somewhat like baseball, you spent lots of time waiting for those few seconds of real action. You NEED to be ready for those few precious seconds; in order to make the best out of those few seconds you must know your equipment better than the back of your hand. You are certain to miss that great shot if you are fumbling with your equipment during those precious seconds.

Sandhill Crane, Bosque del Apache, NM

3. Keep your gear ready – Make sure your camera is on, you have a recently formatted memory card, and the camera is set to your favorite settings. Double check these settings every so often, it is easy to bump your mode dial to an undesired mode inadvertently.

4. Be patient – As stated in #1, wildlife is unpredictable, and do their thing at their own time and pace. Know your subject, learn their behavior and predict their next move.

5. Keep an eye for changing light conditions – When shooting outdoors you can be guaranteed that the light and weather will change. Make sure you keep the sun to your back and pay attention to changing light conditions, and adjust your camera and flash accordingly.

Elk Bull, Yellowstone National Park, WY

Hope you found these useful and I hope to be posting many more of these in the near future.

As always, if you have any questions or comments use the comments section below or you can reach me via Google Plus at