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Winter in Yellowstone is Simply Amazing

11 Mar 2014 / 4 Comments / in blog

No matter how many events I teach at every year, and no matter how often I go to Yellowstone, winter in Yellowstone is still an amazing time. This year I had two workshops back to back and both offered very different but rewarding experiences. Every time I am humbled by how many repeat clients I have on my workshops and this year was no exception. Workshop participants this year we had some spectacular encounters with Bison, Bighorn Sheep and Bobcats. In addition we encountered some of the coldest weather I have experienced. One morning in particular we ventured out in -36 degree Fahrenheit weather, yet my participants all endures and where richly rewarded with some inspiring images.

Here is a collection of my favorite images from this year. I am already working on the schedule for next year, so if you are interested in attending make sure to sign up for my newsletter using the box on the left hand side so that you are notified as soon as the workshops are made public.