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Wildlife Photography Online Class Released

30 Oct 2014 / 0 Comments / in blog

I am very proud to announce that my Wildlife Photography class has just been released by Craftsy.


I’ve been a photographer for more than 20 years and have been primarily a wildlife photographer for the last 10 and in this class I’ve poured all of my tips and techniques that will help you get started with wildlife photography, or if you already have experience photographing wildlife, will help you to take your wildlife photography to the next step.

During the two hour long class I will provide gear recommendations for traveling light in the field, plus tips for streamlining your shooting process. You will also learn how to reliably and repeatedly find wildlife as you develop an understanding of animal behavior, habitats and food sources. Then, explore tried-and-true techniques for approaching wildlife, along with valuable compositional tools that guarantee a high-quality shot in any situation. Take advantage of natural light to maximize your shooting opportunities, and find out how to use flash and exposure techniques to enhance your images. Finally, I share simple landscaping ideas to attract smaller-scale animals in your own backyard, and reveal must-have post-processing techniques for impressive images.


The class is broken down into 7 lessons:

  • Lesson 1. Equipment, Ethics & Awareness
  • Lesson 2. Studying & Locating Subjects
  • Lesson 3. Approaching & Composing Subjects
  • Lesson 4. Deciphering Light in Nature
  • Lesson 5. Maximizing Your Gear
  • Lesson 6. Wildlife in Your Backyard
  • Lesson 7. Editing & Post-Processing

Craftsy’s platform is the best in the business allowing you to not only jump between sections of the class easily, but also ask me questions directly based on the content of the online course and interact with fellow students.

For this class I traveled to Rocky Mountain Park where I photographed the Elk rut this past fall.

To get more information and to purchase the class, click on the following link:

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